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What is Virtual Aesthetic Medicine?  Virtual Aesthetic Medicine is the use of specialized technology to perform an aesthetic evaluation and treatment plan that complements the patients desires and needs, all done safely and securely in our HIPPA compliant platform.  Virtual Aesthetic Medicine relies on skilled assessments done at the site, often by a registered nurse, as well as video assessment by the physician to arrive at a strategic plan to achieve optimal aesthetic results for our patients.  National Medical Directors (NMD) is the first and only virtual aesthetic physician group servicing the med spa industry with expertise that comes from decades of experience.  We provide consultation on service selection, supply chain setup, training and best practices to drive profitability of your management company.


Why choose NMD?

National Medical Directors (NMD) is a professional organization made up of licensed healthcare professionals who are exceptionally skilled and who offer a variety of services to businesses and medical practices nationwide. NMD offers unique support to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical research, aesthetic, promotional, and radio/television industries, among others.

How does it work?

Working with National Medical Directors begins with an understanding of your needs. We will first qualify your application for suitability to our program. There are many unique regulations that often vary state by state which must be taken into careful consideration when working with licensed healthcare professionals.

Let's take next steps

Connecting with NMD is easy. Be sure to consider your needs carefully before engaging and know exactly what your business goals are as we approach working with a Medical Director. Is patient care involved? Many states have unique regulatory environments if patients are being seen in your application, requiring careful investigation into work arrangements with Medical Directors first.




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Huntington Beach, CA

“NMD delivered immense value while other physicians just hung their license and wanted paid for doing nothing. NMD has changed the Aesthetic Industry for the better!”

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