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Great businesses are crafted by effective teams...

No one has all the answers starting out. You build a successful med spa through hard work, long days, and surrounding yourself with as many helpful resources as you can find along the way. 

We have opened and worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of med spas throughout the U.S. of all shapes and sizes. Through these experiences, we designed a program that streamlines your path to success.  This is our purpose, it's why we work every day.

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Service Levels

There are 6 levels of services offered to qualified Med Spa Management Service Organizations (MSOs). These are based off multiple factors such as cost to produce the operation, complexity of supply chain, training, supervision and staffing requirements. The levels are designed to allow our clients to begin where they are capable of managing today, with the option of ascending in levels as your management team becomes more robust. It is always best to start small, get profitable quickly, and grow strategically, all while preserving respect for your mission statement. To review the levels, ask questions, and discuss ways in which we might move forward with a business relationship, please set up a discovery call using the button below. If your MSO ready to begin now, feel free to engage with our self-service ordering pages for an accelerated onboarding experience.

Choose Your Preferred Level

  • Level 1

    Every month
    MD Supervised Skin Care Lines
  • Level 2

    Every month
    Prescriptive Dermatological Compounds (non-invasive)
  • Level 3

    Every month
    Nutrient Injectables Protocols
  • Level 4a

    Every month
    Neuromodulators & Dermal Fillers
  • Level 4b

    Every month
    Laser-based clinic only
  • Most Popular

    Level 5

    Every month
    Injectables, Lasers, IVs, Threads
  • Level 6

    Every month
    Weight Loss & Wellness Programs

*each plan has requirements which are separately calculated and charged as an onboarding fee prior to engaging in supervision of the practice of medicine at any location. This is billed separately. Using this website to sign up is not a guarantee that you will be offered a consulting agreement which allows you to work with NMD.

Get ready to grow!

Please let us know if there is a good time we can connect to discuss our services and how we can assist in building the med spa of your dreams! Our medical directors are waiting to meet you and support you

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