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  • Level 6

    Every month
    Weight Loss & Wellness Programs
    • Level 5 services plus:
    • Prescriptive Weight Loss Programs
    • Wellness Peptides like Sermorelin
    • Testosterone Therapy
    • Anti-Aging Compounds
    • Menopause/Andropause Therapy
    • Medical Director Supervision
    • *may require on-site MD or APP
    • Good Faith Evaluations $40 each
    • Requires Onboarding Fees**

About Level 6

Staffing Requirement

Consulting Fee

Management Fee (paid to your company in behalf of practice management performed by your team each month) ***


RN or above; requires virtual consult with APP or above.



Level 5 plus:

Prescriptive Weight Loss

Mental Health

Testosterone Therapy

Menopause/Andropause Therapies

Injectable Wellness Peptides such as Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, CJC-1296, KPV

BPC-157, TB4 Frag and more!

*Based on state licensing requirements to perform these services
***Management Fees are sliding based on revenues generated by Management Service Organization Success

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